How old is Tj Watkins?

Tj Watkins was born on 27 February 2002.
Tj Watkins is 22 years old.

How old is Tj Watkins in days now?

Tj Watkins is 22 years 1 month 18 days old.
Total 8,082 days old now.

When is the next birthday of Tj Watkins?

Tj Watkins's next birthday is in 10 months 13 days.

What is the zodiac sign of Tj Watkins?

Zodiac sign of Tj Watkins is Pisces.

TJ Watkins is a cool TikToker known for a number of great memes and some really successful examples of lip syncing. He was born in 2002 in Georgia and was raised in the city of Dublin, alongside his family and friends. As a child, he was interested in sports, computers, hip hop, and various online activities, and just like all of his friends he had plenty of interesting ideas and life situation that he dreamed to put in some videos and share them with the people around. In the late 2010s he started making his first videos, and just a bit later he opened his TikTok channel and then Instagram account. Both are great place to find some entertaining videos and interesting photos. As of February 2024, there are about a quarter of a million people following his Instagram, and the number of his fans on TikTok is close to one million. TJ Watkins used to date Benet Tyson, a popular and very bright TikTok star. 

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