How old is TypicalGamer?

TypicalGamer was born on 23 March 1992.
TypicalGamer is 32 years old.

How old is TypicalGamer in days now?

TypicalGamer is 32 years 1 month 26 days old.
Total 11,745 days old now.

When is the next birthday of TypicalGamer?

TypicalGamer's next birthday is in 10 months 4 days.

What is the zodiac sign of TypicalGamer?

Zodiac sign of TypicalGamer is Aries.

TypicalGamer is a known YouTube channel famous not only for its interesting gaming related content but also as a really fast growing popularity. Its owner was born Andre Rebelo in 1992 in Canada and grew up alongside his parents and younger brother, who is actually the one who offered the epic name TypicalGamer. Andre loved computer games a lot when he was a child, and in his late teen ages he decided to dedicate his life to promoting the idea of playing computer games. By that time he had already had his channel running and gaining more and more popularity. In 2015 it managed to attract its first million of followers, and as of the early 2023, there are almost 13 million subscribers there. TypicalGamer offers plenty of great content including computer game playing videos, streams from various competitions, collaborative videos with other computer game gurus, and such.

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