How old is Ben Barnes?

Ben Barnes was born on 20 August 1981.
Ben Barnes is 42 years old.

How old is Ben Barnes in days now?

Ben Barnes is 42 years 8 months old.
Total 15,584 days old now.

When is the next birthday of Ben Barnes?

Ben Barnes's next birthday is in 4 months.

What is the zodiac sign of Ben Barnes?

Zodiac sign of Ben Barnes is Leo.

A talented and handsome British actor Ben Barnes is known to the general public for his roles in such projects like The Chronicles Of The Narnia, Shadow And Bone, Westworld, and some others. Born in 1981 in London, he was raised there y his parents, alongside his brother and friends. Ben's parents provided him and his brother with a very good education and supported their children in any of their aspirations and interests. Ben studied drama in Kingston University and loved acting, as well as playing music. Thus, his debut on professional stage took place when Ben was 15 years old and took part in a musical as a drummer. After graduation he started working in the National Youth Music Theatre and participating mainly in various musical for youth. In the mid 2000s Barnes was invited to work on TV and in 2008 he joined the cast of The Chronicles Of The Narnia where he portrayed King Caspian X. Other notable work of his in cinema include such movies as Easy Virtue (with Jessica Biel), Dorian Gray (Barnes's first lead role), Locked In, Killing Bono, The Big Wedding, By The Gun, etc. On TV, Ben Barnes is famous for his great performances in the series Westworld and The Punisher, as well as in a NETFLIX TV series Shadow And Bone. Barnes often takes part in creating soundtracks for his projects and for some video games.

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