How old is Bill Skarsgård?

Bill Skarsgård was born on 9 August 1990.
Bill Skarsgård is 33 years old.

How old is Bill Skarsgård in days now?

Bill Skarsgård is 33 years 11 months 7 days old.
Total 12,395 days old now.

When is the next birthday of Bill Skarsgård?

Bill Skarsgård's next birthday is in 24 days.

What is the zodiac sign of Bill Skarsgård?

Zodiac sign of Bill Skarsgård is Leo.

Bill Skarsgård is an actor and TV personality originating from Sweden. He was born in 1990 in a small suburb of Stockholm, and his father is a famous Swedish actor known for his roles in such movies as The Avengers, The Pirates of the Caribbean, Mama Mia!, Good Will Hunting, The Hunt For Red October, and many others. Bill is one of the seven children of his parents and three other siblings of his became famous actors as well. Bill has been on stage and acting since he was 10 years old when he started appearing in the local movies. However, his more serious career started in the late 2000s when Skarsgård began receiving invitations to play in such Swedish movies as Kenny Begins, Simple Simon, The Crown Jewels, and others. His Hollywood debut took place in 2012, in the movie Anna Karenina where he appeared opposite Jude Law and Keira Knightley. Later in the decade he took part in filming such movies as The Divergent Series, Deadpool 2, The Atomic Blonde, Villains, and others. On TV he is known for his portrayals of the characters in such series as Hemlock Grove, Castle Rock and a few others. Bill Skarsgård is married to a Swedish actress and the couple has a daughter.

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