How old is FGTeeV Mom?

FGTeeV Mom was born on 14 June 1979.
FGTeeV Mom is 45 years old.

How old is FGTeeV Mom in days now?

FGTeeV Mom is 45 years 1 month 8 days old.
Total 16,475 days old now.

When is the next birthday of FGTeeV Mom?

FGTeeV Mom's next birthday is in 10 months 23 days.

What is the zodiac sign of FGTeeV Mom?

Zodiac sign of FGTeeV Mom is Gemini.

FGTeeV Mom is one of the members of a famous family of YouTubers and gamers known as FGTeeV. Born Samantha Ryan in 1979 in the US, she is married to Vincent Ryan (aka FGTeeV Duddy) and is a mom of four wonderful children including Alexis Ryan (aka SkylanderGirl), Mike Ryan (aka SkylanderBoy or FGTeeV Mike), Shawn Ryan (aka Skybaby or FGTeeV Shawn), and Chase Ryan (aka Lightcore Chase). The family is very friendly and they have been running their joint YouTube channel, first as the Skylander Family and later on - as FGTeeV. Samantha has been appearing on their family videos since 2006 and has a great experience as a social media star. As of the mid 2023, the number of the subscribers of the channel is approaching to 21 million people which makes the channel among the most popular family YouTube channels. Just like her kids and loving husband, FGTeev Mom loves gaming and living this life to the fullest!!

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