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How Old Is Finn Wolfhard?

Finn Wolfhard was born on 23 December 2002. Finn Wolfhard is 15 years old.


Finn Wolfhard is a young bright actor who gained fame with his leading role in a popular Netflix TV series "Stranger Things". Finn was born in December 2002 in Vancouver, Canada. He lives in Canada with his family and studies in high school. He has been interested in acting for many years and is spending a lot of efforts to develop his brilliant acting skills. Despite quite young age, he appeared in a number of popular TV series like "Supernatural", "The 100", and others. He also took part in filming a video clip of a young Canadian band, "PUP". Finn is a very friendly guy and loves spending time with his friends. He has elder brother Nick who is also an actor.

In Stranger Things, Finn plays one of the main roles, along with other popular actors like Millie Bobby Brown, etc. The name of Finn's character is Mike Wheeler, who is one of the best friends of Will Byers, the boy who was kidnapped by strange terrifying creatures. Mike has an elder sister, Nancy, who is also one of the leading characters of the TV series. Just like his character Mike, Finn also loves science and is interested in unknown things. He plays guitar is a school band, Calpurnia, and the young musicians are planning to release their first album in 2018. Finn is also a big fan of dogs and animals. He is a popular media personality, and there are over 1.5 million followers on his Twitter account.

What is the exact age of Finn Wolfhard for today?

Finn Wolfhard's current exact age is 15 years 25 days old. Total 5,504 days.

When is the next birthday of Finn Wolfhard?

Finn Wolfhard's next birthday is in 11 months 6 days.

What is the zodiac sign of Finn Wolfhard?

Zodiac sign of Finn Wolfhard is Capricorn.

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