How old is Josh Brueckner?

Josh Brueckner was born on 11 April 1995.
Josh Brueckner is 29 years old.

How old is Josh Brueckner in days now?

Josh Brueckner is 29 years 3 months 12 days old.
Total 10,696 days old now.

When is the next birthday of Josh Brueckner?

Josh Brueckner's next birthday is in 8 months 19 days.

What is the zodiac sign of Josh Brueckner?

Zodiac sign of Josh Brueckner is Aries.

Josh Brueckner is a young wrestler and professional Middleweight MMA fighter who is also famous for his social networking activities. Born in 1995 in Michigan, since his childhood Josh has been extremely interested in martial arts and received a lot of training. In his late teen ages, he joined Michigan Top Team Gym group where he made friends like Dan Serven, Daron Cruickshank, and others. In his early 20s, Josh earned his living as a personal trainer in boxing or various martial arts. He is also in Top 10 state Pro Middleweight wrestlers. Together with his wife Katie Betzing, Josh Brueckner has been running a YouTube channel titled Jatie Vlog where the young people post a large variety of comedy videos, pranks, challenges, and such kind of stuff. There are almost 4.4 million subscribers of the channel. In the early 2023 they announced that they were expecting their first child and became parents later that year.

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