How old is Karen Gillan?

Karen Gillan was born on 28 November 1987.
Karen Gillan is 36 years old.

How old is Karen Gillan in days now?

Karen Gillan is 36 years 7 months 16 days old.
Total 13,378 days old now.

When is the next birthday of Karen Gillan?

Karen Gillan's next birthday is in 4 months 14 days.

What is the zodiac sign of Karen Gillan?

Zodiac sign of Karen Gillan is Sagittarius.

Karen Gillan is a lovely Scottish actress who is known to the genera public for her role in a cult British TV series Doctor Who, where she appeared alongside Peter Capaldi. Born in 1987 in Scotland, she spent her childhood in Iverness and grew up as a teenager in Edinburgh. When she turned 18, she moved to London to study theater art, and before becoming a popular actress she worked as a model. She first appeared in Doctor Who alongside David Tennant, and then in 2010 joined the main cast of the TV series starring Capaldi, etc. She took part in producing such TV series as The Kevin Bishop Show, The Well, NTSF:SD::SUV, etc. In cinema, she is primarily known for her main role in a movie series Guardians of the Galaxy where she starred alongside Chris Pratt, Vin Diesel, etc., as well as for her appearance in Avengers and other movies of Marvel series. She has recently appeared in Jumanji movies series. Karen Gillan is a social life activist.

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