How old is Katie Brueckner?

Katie Brueckner was born on 10 September 1997.
Katie Brueckner is 26 years old.

How old is Katie Brueckner in days now?

Katie Brueckner is 26 years 8 months 17 days old.
Total 9,756 days old now.

When is the next birthday of Katie Brueckner?

Katie Brueckner's next birthday is in 3 months 14 days.

What is the zodiac sign of Katie Brueckner?

Zodiac sign of Katie Brueckner is Virgo.

Katie Brueckner is a famous Instagram and YouTube star famous for her interesting and creative DIY videos. She was born in 1997, in Michigan and grew up there alongside her three siblings. Since her childhood, Katie has been a very active and hardworking young lady, she loves sport very much and even played for one of the high school volleyball team which became the champion of the state. She was also a very active member of class management and was 3 times elected the class president. In the mid-2010s, Katie opened her first YouTube, and then her first Instagram accounts where she began posting various videos and stuff related to fashion, make-up, DIY videos, and plenty of other interesting things. Her videos also include her comments and recommendations on various issues, and some of them became so successful and popular that over 1 million people watched those. As of the mid 2023, Katie Brueckner has over 1.3 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, and about 400 thousand people on her Instagram channel. She also runs a joint channel with her boyfriend Josh Brueckner.  In November 2019 the couple got engaged, and a year later they got married.

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