How old is Mikey Tua?

Mikey Tua was born on 12 June 2002.
Mikey Tua is 20 years old.

How old is Mikey Tua in days now?

Mikey Tua is 20 years 9 months 20 days old.
Total 7,598 days old now.

When is the next birthday of Mikey Tua?

Mikey Tua's next birthday is in 2 months 11 days.

What is the zodiac sign of Mikey Tua?

Zodiac sign of Mikey Tua is Gemini.

Mikey Tua is a charismatic TV actor, a successful Internet star, and a dancer who is also known as the boyfriend of Danielle Cohn. Born in 2002 in a small city in the state of Washington, Mikey grew up there alongside his brother Jojo Tua who is a model and an actor as well. Mikey began showing interest in dancing and acting in his early childhood, and when he was only 13 years old he began appearing in some TV shows and music videos. He has been receiving training in ballet since he was 8 years old. Currently, as of the mid 2022, he continues collaborating with Cohn as well as with other Internet celebrities like Hayden Summerall, Landon Barker, and many others. Mikey Tua is an avid social media networking fan and has been promoting his Instagram, Twitter, and other accounts for many years. The content that he has been sharing there includes plenty of interesting topics and the accounts are currently followed by hundreds of thousands of young people from around the world. As of the mid 2022, the number of the subscribers of his Instagram account is approaching to one million people. 

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