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How Old Is Olivia Wilde?

Olivia Wilde was born on 10 March 1984. Olivia Wilde is 33 years old.


Olivia Wild (Olivia Jane Cockburn) is an American actress, producer, model, and social activist of Irish origin, born in 1984. She spent her childhood in New York, in the family of a journalist and a TV producer. Her grandparents were quite famous Irish writers of detective stories.

Since her early childhood Olivia wanted to be an actress. She studied in primary and secondary school in the US, and then her family moved to Ireland, where Olivia finished one of the best acting school in the UK, Gaiety School of Acting. Since 2004 she has been starring in various popular TV series, including the Black Donnellys, the OC, and House. She played in over 30 movies, including Rush, Drinking Buddies, Her, Cowboys and Dogs, Unity, the Lazarus Effect, etc.

Olivia has two children and is currently living with her partner, a famous comedian Jason Sudeikis.

What is the exact age of Olivia Wilde for today?

Olivia Wilde's current exact age is 33 years 11 months 8 days old. Total 12,398 days.

When is the next birthday of Olivia Wilde?

Olivia Wilde's next birthday is in 20 days.

What is the zodiac sign of Olivia Wilde?

Zodiac sign of Olivia Wilde is Pisces.

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