How old is Oscar Isaac?

Oscar Isaac was born on 9 March 1979.
Oscar Isaac is 45 years old.

How old is Oscar Isaac in days now?

Oscar Isaac is 45 years 2 months 18 days old.
Total 16,516 days old now.

When is the next birthday of Oscar Isaac?

Oscar Isaac's next birthday is in 9 months 11 days.

What is the zodiac sign of Oscar Isaac?

Zodiac sign of Oscar Isaac is Pisces.

Oscar Isaac is an American actor of Guatemalan origins who is famous for his roles in such movies as Star Wars, Inside Llewyn Davis, Drive, and others. He was born in 1979 in Guatemala but since he was five months old he has lived in the US. He was a very active and very ill-behaving student at school, however, he loved music and especially the movies of Quentin Tarantino which made him think about pursuing a career in acting. He started performing in various school projects and joined a punk band. His acting debut took place in the mid 2000s when he appeared in a few films like The Nativity Story, Balibo, and Robin Hood. The 2010s were marked for Isaac by some great performances in such movies as Drive, A Most Violent Year, Ex Machina, X-Men Apocalypse, as well as by his outstanding role in Inside Llewyn Davis, a movie by the Cohen Brother.  The early 2020s became another great period for the actor as he took part in filming the cult movies like Duna, The Card Counter, Moon Knight, etc. Oscar Isaac is highly valued in today's cinema circles as a very versatile actor who contributed greatly in creating an image of a Hispanic man on screen. He keeps his private life private, is married and has two children.

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