How old is Samuel L. Jackson?

Samuel L. Jackson was born on 21 December 1948.
Samuel L. Jackson is 75 years old.

How old is Samuel L. Jackson in days now?

Samuel L. Jackson is 75 years 5 months 5 days old.
Total 27,550 days old now.

When is the next birthday of Samuel L. Jackson?

Samuel L. Jackson's next birthday is in 6 months 25 days.

What is the zodiac sign of Samuel L. Jackson?

Zodiac sign of Samuel L. Jackson is Sagittarius.

Samuel Leroy Jackson is a successful American actor and filmmaker. His family originates from central America, and Samuel spent his childhood in Tennessee. He was interested in music and learned to play trumpet, and in his college times, he established his small acting group, Just Us Theater. He was involved in civil rights activities, just like many other black people in the late 1960s. Jackson started earning his first money for acting on such projects as A Soldier's Play and The Threepenny Opera. His serious cinema debuts took place in the early 1980s, with the movies The Exterminator and Ragtime. However, a true recognition came to Jackson only in the 1990s, with his roles in such movies as Patriot Games, Menace Society, Jurassic Park, and, of course, Pulp Fiction, where he played with a large number of excellent actors like John Travolta, Uma Thurman, etc. After an overwhelming success in this movie, Tarantino kept on inviting Jackson to his other projects, but Jackson gladly worked with other directors and demonstrated his incredible talent in the movies like Die Hard, The Long Kiss Goodnight, The Negotiator, Unbreakable, The 51st State, Shaft, and many more. He played in Star Wars trilogy and in a number of movies based on the Marvel comics like Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Avengers, etc. He is also giving his voice to a number of popular animated movies like The Incredibles, Afro Samurai, etc. Jackson is a social and political life activist, who took an active part in the promotion campaign of Barrack Obama. He is a vegan and takes part in various activities related to healthy lifestyle and new health care technologies. He has been married for almost 40 years and has a daughter Zoe. Along with Morgan Freeman, Denzel Washington, Will Smith, and Wesley Snipes, he is the most successful and charismatic actor of the modern times.

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