How old is Scarlet Vas?

Scarlet Vas was born on 15 May 1995.
Scarlet Vas is 29 years old.

How old is Scarlet Vas in days now?

Scarlet Vas is 29 years 12 days old.
Total 10,605 days old now.

When is the next birthday of Scarlet Vas?

Scarlet Vas's next birthday is in 11 months 18 days.

What is the zodiac sign of Scarlet Vas?

Zodiac sign of Scarlet Vas is Taurus.

Scarlet Vas is an Australian TV actress and media star who became known as a star of a cult local TV series titled Neighbors. She was born in 1995 in Australia and spent most of her early years in Melbourne.  Prior to starting a career as an actress, Scarlet tried herself as a teenage model and participated in a number of projects and advertising campaigns of some popular brands of the continent. After finishing school she went to university to study drama and performing arts. In the mid 2010s she was invited to join the cast of a thriller called Model Behavior, and shortly after she delivered a brilliant performance in a movie titled I Am In Love. In 2017 she began her work as a part of the cast for Neighbors, a popular TV show about the life of a few families living on the same street, and took part in 185 episodes of the show. It made her popular in Australia and around the world. As of the early 2020s, Scarlet Vas lives in California, and he is engaged to her step brother Tayo Ricci.

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