How old is Terry Reloaded?

Terry Reloaded was born on 2 August 2001.
Terry Reloaded is 22 years old.

How old is Terry Reloaded in days now?

Terry Reloaded is 22 years 11 months 14 days old.
Total 8,384 days old now.

When is the next birthday of Terry Reloaded?

Terry Reloaded's next birthday is in 17 days.

What is the zodiac sign of Terry Reloaded?

Zodiac sign of Terry Reloaded is Leo.

Terry Reloaded is a cool and charismatic TikTok star, as well as a talented content creator who has managed to form a great fan base for quite a short time. He came to this world in 2001 in the US and spent his early years in Florida. Sports and computers were his best hobbies as a child, and in the mid 2010s Terry decided to join the society of social media networking site users by opening his Instagram account. A few years later he launched his TikTok channel which he initially used as the place to share his daily life and his interests. However, later on Terry figured out that the comedy related content like challenges and pranks attract more of public attention so he made up his mind to focus only on that. Eventually, there are about 7 million fans currently following his channel (as of the mid 2023). One of the most viewed recent videos of Terry Reloaded is the one featuring Cardy B posted in summer 2020.

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