How old is 2 Chainz?

2 Chainz was born on 12 September 1977.
2 Chainz is 45 years old.

How old is 2 Chainz in days now?

2 Chainz is 45 years 8 months 26 days old.
Total 16,704 days old now.

When is the next birthday of 2 Chainz?

2 Chainz's next birthday is in 3 months 5 days.

What is the zodiac sign of 2 Chainz?

Zodiac sign of 2 Chainz is Virgo.

2 Chainz is a known American rapper and songwriter who rose to fame as a member of a hip hop duo Playaz Circle. Born Tauheed Epps in 1977 in Georgia, he grew up in a small city and since his childhood he was dreaming about becoming a basketball player. He played a lot in school and in college, but eventually his interest and success as a hip hopper prevailed and Epps continued raping with his good friend Earl Conyers. For over a decade the band used to record hits and give plenty of performances, recorded two studio albums and collaborated with such hip hop star as Ludacris, Drake, etc. Since the early 2010s Epps has been involved in other kinds of projects including his solo career (as of August 2022, he has recorded 8 studio albums), producing other rappers, making clothes lines, and so on. 2 Chainz is married and has a son and two lovely daughters.

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