How old is Anas Marwah?

Anas Marwah was born on 18 January 1992.
Anas Marwah is 32 years old.

How old is Anas Marwah in days now?

Anas Marwah is 32 years 4 months 9 days old.
Total 11,818 days old now.

When is the next birthday of Anas Marwah?

Anas Marwah's next birthday is in 7 months 22 days.

What is the zodiac sign of Anas Marwah?

Zodiac sign of Anas Marwah is Capricorn.

Anas Marwah is a famous YouTube star and the father of the Marwah family known as The Anazala Family, who have been running their family channel for over 5 years. He was born in 1992 in Canada, to the parents of Saudi Arabian origins, and he grew up alongside his three brothers. He met his future wife Asala Maleh in the mid 2010s, and in 2017 they got married. A year later they became parents to a lovely daughter Mila Marwah, and in 2020 their son Noah Marwah came to this world. The Anazala Family channel was launched in the late 2017 and since then it has been a great place to see some entertaining and hilarious videos, pranks, challenges, adventure videos, etc. One of the most popular pranks of the family was their early one in which Anas is throwing out of the window a doll dressed up as their daughter. As of the early 2024, the channel of Asala Maleh and Anas Marwah has about 14 million followers.

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