How old is Asala Maleh?

Asala Maleh was born on 20 September 1995.
Asala Maleh is 28 years old.

How old is Asala Maleh in days now?

Asala Maleh is 28 years 10 months 3 days old.
Total 10,534 days old now.

When is the next birthday of Asala Maleh?

Asala Maleh's next birthday is in 1 month 28 days.

What is the zodiac sign of Asala Maleh?

Zodiac sign of Asala Maleh is Virgo.

Asala Maleh is an Instagram star and the mother of a YouTube celebrity family known as Anasala Family. She was born in 1995 in Kuwait and was raised alongside her sister Sarah Maleh, who is also known on Instagram. Her childhood was quite filled with various interesting events and experiences, and in the early 2010s she met her future husband Anas Marwah. They got married, and in 2016 they started their joint channel which has later on turned into the popular Anasala Family channel. In 2017 their wonderful daughter Mila Marwah came to this world, and two years later they became parents again, this time to a son Noah Marwah. The family makes and shares a good number of videos on a daily basis which all are positive, interesting and entertaining. As of the early 2024, there are about 14 million followers of the channel. Asala Maleh can be found on her personal channel too, where she posts some extra information about her family and children.

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