How old is Butterjack?

Butterjack was born on 4 December 1991.
Butterjack is 32 years old.

How old is Butterjack in days now?

Butterjack is 32 years 7 months 12 days old.
Total 11,913 days old now.

When is the next birthday of Butterjack?

Butterjack's next birthday is in 4 months 18 days.

What is the zodiac sign of Butterjack?

Zodiac sign of Butterjack is Sagittarius.

Aiden Grimshaw (known with his stage name Butterjack) is a young British singer and songwriter who became famous as one of the participants of The X Factor TV show. He was born in December 1991 in Lancashire and since his childhood has been demonstrating special talents in music and acting. His parents used to take him to various auditions and occasionally he used to receive roles in some TV shows. Similarly, in 2010 he took part in the auditions for The X Factor and managed to make Simon Cowell praise him. However, the show itself did not go too well for Aiden and he became only ninth. Nevertheless, the public liked Grimshaw very much and he was added as an extra singer to the traditionally 8 contestants during their post-show country tour. After taking part in The X Factor Aiden signed up with a recording company and released a studio album named Misty Eye with two hits "Curtain Call" and "Is This Love". Two years later he released an EP, followed by the second one which came out in 2015. Grimshaw collaborated with a number of musicians like the guys from One Direction. In 2017 he announced changing his stage name for Butterjack and trying himself in a number of new musical styles.

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