How old is Dr. Dre?

Dr. Dre was born on 18 February 1965.
Dr. Dre is 59 years old.

How old is Dr. Dre in days now?

Dr. Dre is 59 years 4 months 28 days old.
Total 21,698 days old now.

When is the next birthday of Dr. Dre?

Dr. Dre's next birthday is in 7 months 2 days.

What is the zodiac sign of Dr. Dre?

Zodiac sign of Dr. Dre is Aquarius.

Dr. Dre is an American rapper, hip hopper, producer, sound engineer, and businessman. Born Andre Romelle Young in 1965 in California, he spent his childhood in quite difficult environment being brought up by his single mum and living in quite a violent neighborhood. He started rapping in the early 1980s and was a member of some groups like World Class Wrecking Cru, N.W.A and others. Together with the groups he released a few albums and made plenty of stage performances. His first solo album came out in 1991 and brought him a Grammy Award (for the hit "Let Me Ride"), but later in the decade Dr. Dre got focused on producing young talents including Snoop Lion, Daz Dilinger, Warren G, and others. The 2000s became the time when he collaborated with other young rappers and hip hoppers like Eminem, 50 Cent, Xzibit, and many others. At that, he continued releasing his songs and receiving other awards. He has 6 Grammy Awards and was named many times as the best rapper of the year. Dr. Dre is one of the creators and promoters of so called gangsta rap. He is divorced and has 6 children, with his ex-wife being the mother of just two of them.

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