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How Old Is Lil Pump?

Lil Pump was born on 17 August 2000. Lil Pump is 17 years old.


Lil Pump (Gazzy Garcia) is a young American rapper and songwriter who has been posting his songs to Sound Cloud and gaining thousands of new fans and followers every day. He was born in 2000 in Miami and grew up in a poor area. He was expelled from school, from the 9th grade for bad behavior. It is interesting that in his childhood he hasn't shown a lot of interest to music. He started getting interested in rap in his early teenage years.

He often collaborates with other rappers like Lil Water, Lil Tex, etc. His recent hits include such compositions as "Gucci Gang", "Boss", "D Rose" and others gain a large number of viewers on YouTube. Currently, his YouTube account has 3 million subscribers, and his Twitter account has almost 7 million followers. Lil Pump is a promising musician who is truly involved in and devoted to what he is doing.

What is the exact age of Lil Pump for today?

Lil Pump's current exact age is 17 years 5 months old. Total 6,362 days.

When is the next birthday of Lil Pump?

Lil Pump's next birthday is in 7 months.

What is the zodiac sign of Lil Pump?

Zodiac sign of Lil Pump is Leo.

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