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How Old Is Marion Cotillard?

Marion Cotillard was born on 30 September 1975. Marion Cotillard is 42 years old.


Marion Cotillard is a French actress, songwriter, and singer, as well as very concerned social and environment protection activist.

She was born in France in 1975, in a family of actors, and her father was the founder of a small local theater. Marion spent her childhood in Orleans, where she finished school and the local conservatory. She has been acting on stage since she was 6 years old and received her first serious theater award when she was 16. In 1994 she played a small role in Highlander movie, but the first real cinema success took place in 1997 when she played a friend of the main character in the movie Taxi.

Marion appeared in Taxi 2 and Taxi 3, and she continued gaining better reputation by receiving roles in such movies as A Very Long Engagement, Mary, A Good Year (by Ridley Scott), Public Enemies, etc. She played a role of Edith Piaf in the movie La Vie En Rose, for which she won her first Academy Award. The second one she received in 2014 for her stunning performance in Two Days, One Night. Other famous movies of Cotillard include Inception, Rust and Bone, the Dark Knight Rises, Allied, and Assassin's Creed.

Cotillard is married and has two lovely sons.

What is the exact age of Marion Cotillard for today?

Marion Cotillard's current exact age is 42 years 4 months 19 days old. Total 15,482 days.

When is the next birthday of Marion Cotillard?

Marion Cotillard's next birthday is in 7 months 12 days.

What is the zodiac sign of Marion Cotillard?

Zodiac sign of Marion Cotillard is Libra.

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