How old is Melanie C?

Melanie C was born on 12 January 1974.
Melanie C is 50 years old.

How old is Melanie C in days now?

Melanie C is 50 years 4 months 15 days old.
Total 18,398 days old now.

When is the next birthday of Melanie C?

Melanie C's next birthday is in 7 months 16 days.

What is the zodiac sign of Melanie C?

Zodiac sign of Melanie C is Capricorn.

Melanie C, or Melanie Jane Chisholm, is a British singer, songwriter, and musician who is famous as one of the epic Spice Girls. She was born in 1974 in Merseyside but spent her childhood in Cheshire. She was in love with acting, theater, dance, and music since her early ages, and after college, she obtained teaching certificate as the teacher of modern dance. In 1994 she auditioned for Spice Girls girl band and shortly became one of the legendary five. Together with the band she recorded two studio albums and took part in a large number of tours. Mel C was the first to leave the band and start her own solo career. Her first solo works, including her first songs and collaborations with famous singers like Bryan Adams, were extremely successful. Her first studio album Northern Star became platinum, just like the two following albums. In the late 2000s, Mel C joined her former Spice Girls band members to celebrate their new Greatest Hits album and perform during the world tour. So far, Melanie C has released 7 studio albums and she has a record of recording the most Number One hits in British musical history (as a female singer). She is one of the most honored British female singers as well, with a number of British MTV Music Awards, American Music Awards, and many more. As a solo singer, she sold over 20 million records which is quite a large number for a British female singer.

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