How old is Rudy Pankow?

Rudy Pankow was born on 12 August 1998.
Rudy Pankow is 25 years old.

How old is Rudy Pankow in days now?

Rudy Pankow is 25 years 11 months 11 days old.
Total 9,477 days old now.

When is the next birthday of Rudy Pankow?

Rudy Pankow's next birthday is in 20 days.

What is the zodiac sign of Rudy Pankow?

Zodiac sign of Rudy Pankow is Leo.

Rudy Pankow is a rising TV star and a talented actor who appeared in a few TV series including some popular ones on NETFLIX. Born in 1998 in Alaska, he grew up in the Northern State, alongside his parents and two brothers. In his secondary school he was crazy about playing soccer, taking part in various school events including sports, as well as cooking which he was really good at. So, his dream was to enter a culinary school and start working as a chef in a restaurant. However, in the late 2010s Rudy was invited to join a few acting related projects and appeared in a few short movies which were really successful. That made him think about the idea of continuing acting and trying himself in more serious circles. In 2019 he took part in shooting such TV series as Solved and The Politician, and as of the early 2023 he has been appearing as one of the mean characters in NETRFLIX TV series Outer Banks. It is possible to follow Rudy Pankow on Instagram or other social media platforms.

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