How old is Tonya Harding?

Tonya Harding was born on 12 November 1970.
Tonya Harding is 53 years old.

How old is Tonya Harding in days now?

Tonya Harding is 53 years 8 months 2 days old.
Total 19,603 days old now.

When is the next birthday of Tonya Harding?

Tonya Harding's next birthday is in 3 months 29 days.

What is the zodiac sign of Tonya Harding?

Zodiac sign of Tonya Harding is Scorpio.

Tonya Maxene Harding is an American ice-skater, known as an eternal opponent of Nancy Kerrigan, another successful American figure skater. Tonya was born and raised by her mom in Portland, and in her childhood, she spent most of the time on the skating rink. Her professional career started when Tonya was 19 years old, and in 1991 and 1994 she became the Champion of the US. Harding is the first female figure skater who has managed to do two triple axels in a single competition and to do a triple axel in the short program. However, in 1994 Tonya was involved in an accident involving her competitor Kerrigan, which was followed by a number of other scandals, seriously damaging the reputation of Harding. Thus, she decided to focus on other kinds of activities, including acting and, later on, boxing. In the early 2000s, Tonya Harding managed to achieve some success as a boxer, but progressing asthma did not allow her to continue as a professional boxer for a long time.

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