How old is Tray Bills?

Tray Bills was born on 25 August 1995.
Tray Bills is 28 years old.

How old is Tray Bills in days now?

Tray Bills is 28 years 9 months 2 days old.
Total 10,503 days old now.

When is the next birthday of Tray Bills?

Tray Bills's next birthday is in 2 months 29 days.

What is the zodiac sign of Tray Bills?

Zodiac sign of Tray Bills is Virgo.

Tray Bills is a cool hip hop singer and a social media star who rose to fame as a part of a duo Chris And Tray who have been running their joint channel for many years. Tray was born in 1995 in Atlanta and grew up there alongside his parents and two siblings. Tray began getting interested in social media in the mid 2010s and decided to open his first YouTube channel to use it as a vlog and the pace to upload various music. Together with his friend Chris Gilly, they were huge fans of Xxxtentacion. In the mid 2010s they decided to open their joint channel and share plenty of various stuff including their own rapping and free styling. Based on the reaction of their viewers, the friends figured out that their music is liked by the young people, so they decided to focus on recording their songs and mix them with various comedy related videos like pranks, challenges, etc. As of the mid 2023, their channel is followed by over 800 thousand people. Tray Bills is a cool and sociable guy who loves collaborating with his fellow YouTubers from Atlanta who are also member of a group named Collab Crib.

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