How old is Wendy Williams?

Wendy Williams was born on 18 July 1964.
Wendy Williams is 59 years old.

How old is Wendy Williams in days now?

Wendy Williams is 59 years 11 months 1 day old.
Total 21,886 days old now.

When is the next birthday of Wendy Williams?

Wendy Williams's next birthday is in 29 days.

What is the zodiac sign of Wendy Williams?

Zodiac sign of Wendy Williams is Cancer.

Wendy Williams is a broadcaster and a host, an author and a social media influencer known primarily as a host of her personal TV show. Born in 1964 in New Jersey, she grew up in Asbury Park, alongside her highly educated parents and her two siblings. As a young teenager, Wendy couldn't find many common backgrounds with her classmates and didn't display a lot of interest to the general education. However in her late teen ages she began wondering about various radio shows and as a university student she used to join some local radio broadcasts, After finishing university and receiving a degree in communication, Williams began working as a broadcaster and a DJ in some local radio channels. In the late 1980s she moved to New York and received some excellent opportunities as a DJ on some national channels. During her work in the 1990s she got a nickname shock jockette. She was especially famous for her interviewing skills and combined working both on the radio and TV, becoming as popular and successful as Ellen DeGeneres, with her talk show The Wendy Williams Show. She was married twice and is a very popular personality in her hometown where one of the streets has been named after her.

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