How old is Yuna?

Yuna was born on 14 November 1986.
Yuna is 37 years old.

How old is Yuna in days now?

Yuna is 37 years 5 months 10 days old.
Total 13,676 days old now.

When is the next birthday of Yuna?

Yuna's next birthday is in 6 months 21 days.

What is the zodiac sign of Yuna?

Zodiac sign of Yuna is Scorpio.

Yuna is a singer and a songwriter from Malaysia who is known for her hits and her unique musical style. Born Yunalis Mat Zaara'al in 1986 in Malaysia, she spent her early years in Alor Star. Her parents are highly educated people and they ave their daughter excellent education. After finishing high school, she attended university and studied law. However, music has been her most sincere passion for many years, and Yuna started recording and promoting her own compositions when she was 15. While studying at university, she used to perform on various stages in the evenings and very soon she managed to gather a band formed of a few musicians. They helped her to record her first studio album in 2008 which attracted a lot of pubic attention and helped Yuna receive the most prestigious local pop music award. In the early 2010s she recorded one more album and a few new hits like "Rocket" or "Live Your Life" which found their place in Billboard Top 200. During the decade she did a great number of tours, both in her homeland and abroad in order to support her albums and get closer to her fans. Her fourth studio album came out in 2019, and after that she was involved in creating soundtracks to a few movies. Yuna is married to a Malaysian director Adam Sinclair.

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