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How old is Mackenzie Ziegler?

Mackenzie Ziegler was born on 4 June 2004.
Mackenzie Ziegler is 15 years old.

How old is Mackenzie Ziegler in days now?

Mackenzie Ziegler is 15 years 9 months 29 days old.
Total 5,781 days old now.

When is the next birthday of Mackenzie Ziegler?

Mackenzie Ziegler's next birthday is in 2 months 2 days.

What is the zodiac sign of Mackenzie Ziegler?

Zodiac sign of Mackenzie Ziegler is Gemini.


Mackenzie Frances Ziegler is a very young but very promising artist, dancer, singer, and model, who became popular as an Internet personality and a young dancer in the TV show "Dance Moms". Known as Mack Z. She was born in 2004 in Pittsburg and is a younger sister of another famous Internet personality, Maddie Ziegler. Mack started learning dancing at the age of 2 and she attended one of the best dancing schools in Pittsburg. From 2011 to 2016 she took part in "Dance Moms", as well as appeared in other shows like "The Today Show", "The View", "Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn", "So You Think You Can Dance", etc. In 2014 she released her album "Mack Z", which became quite popular online. Mack pays a lot of attention to her media presence, and currently, her Instagram account has over 9 million followers.

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Guest 2019-06-17 13:06:01

I have been wanting to see you and I love you and Maddie

cool girl 2019-05-29 00:32:58

i love you so much

Hadassah 2019-01-23 15:27:02

Your so amazing

Hadassah 2019-01-22 20:17:54

Love u Mack Z u are amazing.❤️

JiAh 2018-12-19 18:10:43

I love Mackenzie she is such a buetiful girl and a great YouTube channel with the Orlandos

Ashlynne 2018-11-16 18:14:44

Love Kenzie

America 2018-10-05 14:13:37

Mackenzie is pretty and Maddie is too

Juan Cortez 2018-07-17 11:58:19

Madden NFL 12 Super Bowl CXLVI: Atlanta Falcons at Carolina Panthers

alysha 2018-04-01 01:36:52

i love johnny orlando and his voice it is so amazing

Not to be said out loud 2018-03-31 02:36:37

When ever I press age,it goes back to the beginning and Mackenzie has done a lot more songs now time to updateeeee

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