How old is Bruce Springsteen?

Bruce Springsteen was born on 23 September 1949.
Bruce Springsteen is 74 years old.

How old is Bruce Springsteen in days now?

Bruce Springsteen is 74 years 9 months 22 days old.
Total 27,324 days old now.

When is the next birthday of Bruce Springsteen?

Bruce Springsteen's next birthday is in 2 months 8 days.

What is the zodiac sign of Bruce Springsteen?

Zodiac sign of Bruce Springsteen is Libra.

Bruce Springsteen is a talented American singer, songwriter and producer who has written and performed a large number of hits, both as a solo musician and as a member of a few bands. Born Bruce Frederick Joseph Springsteen in 1949 in New Jersey, to the parents of Italian, Dutch and British origins. As a teenager, he was greatly inspired by the success of The Beatles and started learning to play musical instruments, as well as dreaming of becoming a famous musician. He formed his first band when he was 15 and started actively writing songs for it. In the late 1960s he started performing on stage with various bands around the country, and in 1972 he signed up with Columbia records to release his first album. Being quite a prolific songwriter, Springsteen was not so keen on working in the studio and has never released more than 4-5 albums in a decade. His most famous hits include the songs "Born in the USA", "Racing In The Street", "Thunder Road", " I Am On Fire", "Hungry Heart", "Born To Run", and others. With the number of his records sold for 5 decades of his career close to 65 million, Bruce Springsteen is one of the most-sold rock musicians of all times. He has received 20 Grammy Awards, an Academy Awards and two Golden Globe Awards. He has millions of fans all around the world and is one of the musicians who has played literally all around the world.

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