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How old is Bruno Mars?

Bruno Mars was born on 8 October 1985.
Bruno Mars is 33 years old.

How old is Bruno Mars in days now?

Bruno Mars is 33 years 11 months 9 days old.
Total 12,397 days old now.

When is the next birthday of Bruno Mars?

Bruno Mars's next birthday is in 21 days.

What is the zodiac sign of Bruno Mars?

Zodiac sign of Bruno Mars is Libra.


Bruno Mars(Peter Gene Hernandez) is an American singer and songwriter, choreographer and artist, who have been increasing his popularity lately due to his new interesting artistic ideas and projects. He was born in 1985 in Honolulu, the US, in a family of musicians. He is of the Philippine and Puerto Rican origin. Since his early childhood, he used to take parts in various concerts and performances which involved the whole family (his father was playing drums and his mom used to sing very well). Little Bruno was a big fan of Elvis Presley and used to mimic his singing style perfectly well. When he was in secondary school, he started composing his own songs and in 1992 he recorded his first professional composition, which can be heard in the movie “Honeymoon in Las Vegas”. Since Bruno considered himself to be a strange boy, he used to tell everyone that he is from Mars, thus his name has become famous as Bruno Mars. He released his first album in 2010, with the first single “Just The Way You Are” hitting American charts as Number 1. He created his own band, The Hooligans, which was supporting Bruno during his endless tours and numerous performances. Bruno has a very distinguishable voice and style, with Sinatra style hats and long sleeved checked shirts. He is a Grammy-winning composer with plenty of appearance in various popular TV shows and sports events. He dated a great number of models and beautiful young ladies of our times, starting with Rita Ora and Yuliya Loukashina, and ending up with Haitian and Puerto-Rican models. He was stricken by a sudden death of his mom, who passed away when she was only 55. He is involved in plenty of charity-related activities, and he used to support the all-girls band of his sister, the Lylas. He loves tattoos and cats.

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Tiara 2019-04-11 16:51:03

I love Bruno Mars I love everything about him he's soooo handsome and I love his voice it takes me all the way to Mars lol I love Bruno Mars soooo much I wish to see him one day like at a concert or place i listen to his music everyday and that song just the way you are is amazing I really love that song OMG I love Bruno Mars music I love him I love his voice and I love everything about him lol

Kaleb 2018-12-30 17:56:04

Bruno Mars is the best rapper I ever heard so i think Bruno Mars is the best singer ever

emmi 2018-03-11 16:52:23

I love Bruno mars

Mariam 2018-02-07 05:45:35

Im 7 years old

Hannah Silcox 2018-02-04 18:14:56

I Love Bruno Mars

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