How old is George Michael?

George Michael was born on 25 June 1963. George Michael died on 25 December 2016 at the age of 53 years.

What was the exact age of George Michael?

George Michael's exact age was 53 years 6 months old. George Michael lived for total 19,542 days.

What would be the age of George Michael if alive?

George Michael's exact age would be 61 years 21 days old if alive. Total 22,302 days.

What is the zodiac sign of George Michael?

Zodiac sign of George Michael is Cancer.

George Michael was a remarkable pop singer, songwriter, musician, and philanthropist. He was born Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou in 1963 in East Finchley of London, to the family of a small restaurant owner of Greek origin. George grew up there, alongside his two elder sisters, but when he started secondary school, the family moved to a small town in Hertfordshire, where George met Andrew Ridgeley. Years later, they formed a band named Wham! which made the young people really famous. The band started performing in the early 1980s and recorded 4 studio albums and very popular hits like "Careless Whisper", "Last Christmas", "Freedom", "Bad Boys", "I'm Your Man", etc. Wham! took part in a large number of international tours and important musical events like Live Aid, etc. After leaving the band in 1987, George started his solo career and released a few excellent solo albums, with the hits like "Faith", "Fastlove", "Jesus to a Child", "Praying for Time", "Too Funky", and many others. In the mid-2010s he announced resuming his tours and album selling activities with the purpose of being focused on promoting his music online. George Michael was one of the best selling British singers of all times, as well as the winner of two Grammy, four MTV awards, and many others. He used to spend a great deal of money for charity and LGBT community support. He passed away in December 2016, at the age of only 53...

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