How old is Howie Mandel?

Howie Mandel was born on 29 November 1955.
Howie Mandel is 68 years old.

How old is Howie Mandel in days now?

Howie Mandel is 68 years 7 months 15 days old.
Total 25,065 days old now.

When is the next birthday of Howie Mandel?

Howie Mandel's next birthday is in 4 months 15 days.

What is the zodiac sign of Howie Mandel?

Zodiac sign of Howie Mandel is Sagittarius.

Howie Mandel is a famous Canadian TV personality and a host of a few popular TV shows, as well as an actor and comedian. He was born in 1955 in Toronto and grew up in a family of Jewish origins. He was expelled from school and started working in his teen ages, at the same time practicing his comedy skills and later on becoming a stand-up comedian who could be seen in the clubs of Toronto. In the late 1970s he began appearing in various live shows in LA and collaborated with David Letterman. In 1980 his cinema debut took place, in the movie Gas. The following notable roles of Mandel include the ones in the movies Walk Like a Man, Gremlins 2, Little Monsters, etc. He also took part in a large number of TV series like St. Elsewhere, Muppet Babies, Bobby's World, etc. Mandel continued working in various popular comedy shows like the ones of Letterman or Jay Leno, and finally, in early 1990 he started his how to sketch show Sunny Skies. Later on, Mandel was the host of his shows named The Howie Mandel Show, Deal Or No Deal, America's Got Talent (where he replaces David Hasselhoff), and others. He also appeared in a large number of popular TV series like Monk, My Name Is Earl, and many others. Howie Mandel is a very popular media personality and is well known around the world.

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