How old is Rema?

Rema was born on 1 May 2000.
Rema is 24 years old.

How old is Rema in days now?

Rema is 24 years 26 days old.
Total 8,792 days old now.

When is the next birthday of Rema?

Rema's next birthday is in 11 months 4 days.

What is the zodiac sign of Rema?

Zodiac sign of Rema is Taurus.

An extremely charismatic and talented singer and songwriter, Rema rose to fame as a part of a musical duo with Alpha P but later on continued as a solo singer. He was born Divine Ikubor in 2000 in Nigeria and grew up in Benin City, in the family of traditional Christians. Just life for many African children, he childhood was filled with troubles and tragedies, in particular, he lost his father and his brother in quite a young age. At the same time, music and free styling has been a great salvation for him for many years. As a high school student, he began singing on stage at the church, and later on went on to record his songs and promoting them online on his social media channels. In 2019 his first successful single titled "Dumebi" followed by his eponymous debut EP. In the early 2020s he signed up with a recording company and established a number of very useful connections in the music world. In 2022 his first studio album "Rave & Roses" came out with 16 songs recorded with the help of some hip hop and pop stars like AJ Tracey or Chris Brown. In 2022 he released one more very successful song "Calm Down" recorded together with Selena Gomez, which remained in Billboard charts for almost a year. Rema's musical style is described as afrorave.

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