How old is Stunna 4 Vegas?

Stunna 4 Vegas was born on 1 January 1996.
Stunna 4 Vegas is 28 years old.

How old is Stunna 4 Vegas in days now?

Stunna 4 Vegas is 28 years 6 months 14 days old.
Total 10,423 days old now.

When is the next birthday of Stunna 4 Vegas?

Stunna 4 Vegas's next birthday is in 5 months 17 days.

What is the zodiac sign of Stunna 4 Vegas?

Zodiac sign of Stunna 4 Vegas is Capricorn.

Stunna 4 Vegas is a hip hop singer and freestyler known for a few hits that he has recorded. Born in 1996 he grew up in North Carolina and spent his childhood alongside his family and good friends. He began demonstrating his talents to music and free-styling when he was in high school. In the late 2010 he released his first mixtape which had a few hits like "Animal". A year later a few other hits like "Tomorrow" and "Ashley" came out. His solo album titled BIG 4X had really great critics and found its place in Billboard 200. In 2020 his next album titled Rich Youngin which also appeared on 29th line in Billboard 200. He collaborated with many star hip hip singers like DaBaby, Lil Durk, Offset, NLE Choppa, and many others. Stunna 4 Vegas has a son.

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