How old is Christopher Columbus?

Christopher Columbus was born on 31 October 1451. Christopher Columbus died on 20 May 1506 at the age of 54 years.

What was the exact age of Christopher Columbus?

Christopher Columbus's exact age was 54 years 6 months 19 days old. Christopher Columbus lived for total 19,924 days.

What would be the age of Christopher Columbus if alive?

Christopher Columbus's exact age would be 572 years 6 months 18 days old if alive. Total 209,120 days.

What is the zodiac sign of Christopher Columbus?

Zodiac sign of Christopher Columbus is Scorpio.

Christopher Columbus was a prominent Italian explorer who, with the support of Spanish government, was the first to complete the four voyages across the Atlantic Ocean and safely land to today's North and South American continents. Born in 1451 in the Republic of Genoa, he grew up in the family of a weaver, alongside his parents and four siblings. In his teen ages Christopher worked as a helper in many businesses of his father, but sea was something that was truly attractive to him. In the mid 1470s he became a business agent and made a large number of sea trips, including ones to the Aegean and the North Sea. In those times he settled in Lisbon and got married. He tried to improve his education and read plenty of books in astronomy, geography, history, etc. In the early 1490s he managed to receive some funds from the Royal Family to arrange his first trip to the west, and in 1492 he embarked on his first trip across the Atlantic Ocean looking for the way to India. He landed in the Bahamas and explored the islands of Cuba and Haiti. His second trip started in 1493 and including the stops on the Canary Islands, the Antilles, Jamaica, Cuba, and Haiti. For his life, Columbus undertook 4 voyages to the Central America, and his discovery and his explorations remain among the most valuable in the whole history of the humanity. His voyages resulted in extremely active periods of colonization and exploration of the world. Christopher Columbus died in 1506 as a result of the consequences of some infections, at the age of 54. His legacy includes not only the discovered lands, but also a great number of places in the world named after him like the country of Columbia, a state in the US, etc.

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