How old is George W. Bush?

George W. Bush was born on 6 July 1946.
George W. Bush is 77 years old.

How old is George W. Bush in days now?

George W. Bush is 77 years 9 months 15 days old.
Total 28,414 days old now.

When is the next birthday of George W. Bush?

George W. Bush's next birthday is in 2 months 15 days.

What is the zodiac sign of George W. Bush?

Zodiac sign of George W. Bush is Cancer.

George W. Bush is the 43rd President of the United States who served two terms as the head of the state, from 2001 till 2009. Born in 1946 in Connecticut, George Bush grew up in Texas and attended a number of schools before entering Yale University. He graduated as a bachelor degree holder and later on received an MBA degree in Harvard Business School. In the late 1960s - early 1970s Bush completed his military service in American air forces. In 1977 he got married to Laura Welch who is the mother of his two twin daughters. In the early 1980s George W. Bush started his business and political careers, and in 1995 he was elected Governor of Texas. Five years later, in late 2000 he was elected President of the USA and entered the cabinet in January 2001. His first term was marked by the events of 09/11, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, providing funds for research and AIDS relief activities, etc. In 2004 he managed to win one more Presidential term from John Kerry, and the main points of the second term were economic issues linked to the Great Recession of the late 2000s. In 2009 after leaving the office, George W. Bush returned to Texas and continued working in the local government. He is a public person who appears in various TV programs and shows. He is a philanthropist and considered to be one of the most popular American presidents of the 20th century.

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