How old is Jeff Kinney?

Jeff Kinney was born on 19 February 1971.
Jeff Kinney is 53 years old.

How old is Jeff Kinney in days now?

Jeff Kinney is 53 years 5 months old.
Total 19,509 days old now.

When is the next birthday of Jeff Kinney?

Jeff Kinney's next birthday is in 7 months.

What is the zodiac sign of Jeff Kinney?

Zodiac sign of Jeff Kinney is Pisces.

Jeff Kinney is known as a cartoonist and author of a few really successful children's books, including the series known as Diary of A Wimpy Kid. He was born in 1971 in Maryland and was raised in Port Washington, alongside his parents of Irish descent and three siblings. In his late teen ages he attended the University of Maryland where he used to spend hours to practice his main hobby, drawing cartoons. Thos were the times when he created his most famous comic strip called Igdoof which initially gained a lot of success in a local students' edition. In the late 1990s he came up with a character of Greg Heffley who is the one who writes the story of his life in the diary of a wimpy kid. The first books of the series became extremely popular and over 20 million copies were sold or viewed in the first year after the publication, which inspired Kinney to continue the series and come up with plenty of new stories. In the 2010s the author became popular all over the world and made a few tours to promote his book. As of 2023, it is estimated that over 275 million copies of his books in total were sold all around the globe, with about 50 million sold in that very year. In October 2023 the 18th book of the series came out, and the next one is expected to be published exactly a year later. Jeff Kinney is currently among the most recognized and respected children's book writers in the world. He is marred and is a father of two.

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