How old is William Shakespeare?

William Shakespeare was born on 23 April 1564. William Shakespeare died on 23 April 1616 at the age of 52 years.

What was the exact age of William Shakespeare?

William Shakespeare's exact age was 52 years old. William Shakespeare lived for total 18,993 days.

What would be the age of William Shakespeare if alive?

William Shakespeare's exact age would be 460 years 2 months 22 days old if alive. Total 168,095 days.

What is the zodiac sign of William Shakespeare?

Zodiac sign of William Shakespeare is Taurus.

William Shakespeare was one of the most famous British authors and playwrights, an actor and theater enthusiast, who lived in the 16th-17th centuries and left a great legacy as plenty of plays and tragedies written in an amazing dramatic manner. Born in 1564 in Stratford-upon-Avon and grew up in quite a rich family. He got married at quite an early age and had three children with his wife Anne. In the early 1590s, he started a career as an actor and comedy writer but later on Shakespeare started focusing on writing drama and tragedies. "Romeo and Juliet", "Hamlet", "Macbeth", "Othello", "The Tragedy of Julius Caesar", "King Liar", "Much Ado About Nothing", are among the most famous plays that are now considered to be the finest examples of classic English literature. In contrast to many other writers and authors of all time, Shakespeare received recognition and was a respected playwright of his times. He passed away at the age of 53 as a result of an unknown health condition. William Shakespeare remains among the authors whose plays are staged in virtually every country and most of the theaters around the world.

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