How old is Neil Armstrong?

Neil Armstrong was born on 5 August 1930. Neil Armstrong died on 25 August 2012 at the age of 82 years.

What was the exact age of Neil Armstrong?

Neil Armstrong's exact age was 82 years 20 days old. Neil Armstrong lived for total 29,971 days.

What would be the age of Neil Armstrong if alive?

Neil Armstrong's exact age would be 93 years 9 months 22 days old if alive. Total 34,264 days.

What is the zodiac sign of Neil Armstrong?

Zodiac sign of Neil Armstrong is Leo.

Neil Armstrong was a famous American astronaut who is known as the first man who stepped on the Moon, as well as an explorer, pilot and university professor. Born in 1930 in Ohio, he was raised by a middle-class parents alongside his two siblings. After graduating Purdue University, he continued studying aeronautics and at the same time had plenty of practice as a naval aviator. In the early 1950s he briefly took part in the Korean War and then worked as a test pilot of various aircraft types, mainly military ones. In the late 1950s he joined some projects for the NASA and trained hard for his first space travel which took place in 1966. In summer 1969 Neil Armstrong was one of the crew members who were appointed to complete the manned mission to the Moon. The astronauts landed on the Moon in Apollo 11 Lunar Module and spent a few hours outside the spacecraft. When making his first step on the Moon, Armstrong said his famous words 'That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for the mankind'. After the mission had been completed, the crew received extreme recognition and was awarded the Medals of Honor. In the early 1970s Armstrong resigned from the NASA and continued to teach in a university, occasionally doing consulting jobs. He passed away in summer 2012, at the age of 82.

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