How old is Theodore Roosevelt?

Theodore Roosevelt was born on 27 October 1858. Theodore Roosevelt died on 6 January 1919 at the age of 60 years.

What was the exact age of Theodore Roosevelt?

Theodore Roosevelt's exact age was 60 years 2 months 10 days old. Theodore Roosevelt lived for total 21,985 days.

What would be the age of Theodore Roosevelt if alive?

Theodore Roosevelt's exact age would be 165 years 8 months 19 days old if alive. Total 60,528 days.

What is the zodiac sign of Theodore Roosevelt?

Zodiac sign of Theodore Roosevelt is Scorpio.

Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt was an outstanding American statesman, politician, social life activist, and national leader who is remembered as the first American President of the 20th century and a progressive political figure of his times. Born in 1858 in a middle-class family in New York, he grew up alongside his parents and three siblings. His childhood was seriously affected by Teddy's health problems and he was mainly home-schooled. Later on he attended Harvard College and as a young man he was great in a vast multitude of occupations, starting from learning history and ending up with boxing or rowing. He began getting interested and studying politics in his young adulthood, ending up writing books both about history and social sciences. Roosevelt got married quite early and was left with his baby-daughter in his hands because of losing his wife at labor. Shortly after he lost his mother as well, and that affected his personality quite a lot. He started working in American military and took part in a war before joining the Republican party and becoming its leader, closer to the end of the 19th century. In 1901 he was elected President and became the 26th President of the USA. He was focused on domestic economy and creating a better life for the Americans. He served two terms and later in his lifetime he took part in other Presidential campaigns but failed. Theodore Roosevelt died in 1919, at the age of 60.

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